Our Staff

  Simon Dookster CFO (Chief Ferret of Operations) He doesn't let a little neurological issue get in the way of being awesome. Simon is a big fan of Lalpacas (Lamas and Alpacas) *follow him on Facebook and Instagram it will totally make sense* 

Leopold Gucci Leopold Gucci Simon's right paw ferret Leopold wears many hats here...mainly a clown hat as he keeps everyone dooking

 BayleeBaylee is our new CFO (in training) She is very excited to join our team and is ready to dive into her new position. She enjoys watching squirrels, playing in water and chasing Sophia. 

Weston Weston Weasley our website designer. When not working he enjoys long naps in his computer themed squishy bed.

 Stella Stella Is one of designer for Isabella Gucci Jones Collection, Also known as Stealing Stella she enjoys stealing anything Simon has

Sophia Sophia Simone is our go to girl! She likes to help whenever and wherever she is needed. Just don’t wake her during her nap break.